Are Bell Mountain Bike Tires Good?

BELL may be known for its compact and protective helmets, but they also produce well-respected tires for a range of bikes—including mountain bikes!

A set of mountain bike tires can make or break your riding experience, so finding the right brand to trust with your cycling is essential.

BELL is all about pushing the limits and enjoying the extreme side of biking, whether you’re jumping off a ramp on a BMX or working up a steep incline on a mountain bike.

The company was established by Roy Richter, a racing-obsessed Californian whose need for speed brought him into the biking industry—and he’s been pushing limits ever since.

While you can’t buy BELL mountain bike tires on their website, they are available on their Amazon storefront, and at several retailers.

Let’s break down all you need to know about BELL mountain bikes along with a few alternatives, just in case.

Who Are Bell Mountain Bike Tires For?

Bell 7091040 Flat Defense Mountain Bike Tire
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These tires are super affordable, which is great for beginner cyclists who aren’t ready to invest their life savings into a pair of tires. That being said, BELL doesn’t compromise on quality with their products.

They have several MTB tire models available, so you have a decent selection depending on the kind of riding you want to do.

Generally, their tires are for casual or new riders. We don’t think you would want to take BELL tires on a 300-mile expedition through the mountains—but they will treat you really well for weekend riding!

We like BELL because they make choosing the right kind of tire for your adventure easy.

It’s easy to navigate their models and figure out exactly what you need. This makes them a great brand for customers who need a little more information before buying.

Product Lines and Key Features

There are a few elements that make BELL mountain bike tires stand out from the competition.

Product Lines

  • Flat Defense
    BELL 7091038 Flat Defense Mountain Bike Tire
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    BELL recognizes that tires need to be reliable.
    The last thing anyone needs is to get a puncture in the middle of the woods or on the peak of a hill. Mountain bike tires need to be durable.
    They developed their Flat Defense line to be 25% stronger than their other lines, with extra puncture resistance by adding an extra layer of protection inside the tire.
    This is a particularly good line for riders who aren’t very good at mending punctures on the go.

  • Air Guard
    Bell Air Guard Mountain Bike Tire
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    If the Flat Defense line doesn’t sound protective enough, the Air Guard tires might be what you need to power through your journey.
    They have been designed to be 30% stronger and also have the extra puncture resistance Flat Defense tires feature.
    They also help protect against flats.

  • Traction
    Bell TRACTION Mountain Tire
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    If you’ve ever ridden on a mountain bike, you know that traction is everything.
    The muddy crevices and loose rocky surfaces that you’ll come across on trails make having high-traction tires an essential.
    These tires have knobbly treads that dig into the earth and keep the rider stable and secure.

Key Features

  • Carbon Steel Bead
    Bell Air Guard Mountain Bike Tire
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    This feature is present in all of their mountain bike tires.
    BELL knows that you aren’t going to be using every set of tires you own at once. The carbon steel bead lets you fold up tires without damaging them.
    We always like to bring a pair of road tires with us on trips and switch them out when we pop into town or ride through residential areas. This makes storing the unused pair super convenient!

  • Contains KEVLAR
    Bell Sports 26-Inch Mountain Bike Tire with KEVLAR
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    KEVLAR is a strong and heat-resistant fiber that was first used in the 1970s in racing tires as a steel replacement.
    A few BELL mountain bike tires contain KEVLAR as extra protection against flats and punctures. It gives the tires higher rolling resistance, which is perfect for when you ride on trails scattered with pebbles and sharp rocks.

  • Very Affordable
    These are great tires for riders on a budget.
    Many customers agree that the value of the tires is adequate. You’ll be able to get your money’s worth (and a little more) from them.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Bell Mountain Bike Tires?

Bell 7091040 Flat Defense Mountain Bike Tire
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What’s the point of buying something if you aren’t going to take care of it? That’s our philosophy, and it extends to mountain bike tires too.

Maintaining your mountain bike tires is a simple but effective way of extending their lifespan. Some customers have reported their tires lasted them around a year—we don’t doubt they kept good care of them over those 12 months!

Let’s talk about air pressure!

One thing that makes mountain bike tires special is that they thrive with a lower PSI. This low air pressure helps the bike ride over rocks and bumps smoothly.

You don’t want the air pressure to be too high, otherwise riding will feel uncomfortable and unnecessarily bumpy. On the other hand, tires that aren’t filled up enough will stick to the ground too much. Both circumstances will damage your tires.

Cleaning your BELL mountain bike tires will also help you get the most out of them.

If you look at mountain bike tires, you’ll see they’re covered with rubber knobs to help with traction. If the spaces between those knobs get caked with mud and dirt, the tires will lose their traction.

Dirt and rust can also build up around the rim and eventually damage the tires and wheels. Cleaning tires is easy, getting new ones is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Customer Reviews

customer reviews about Bell MTB tires
We’ve already mentioned a few positive things customers have had to say about BELL mountain bike tires: they like how affordable they are and how they get the job done well.

Durability and quality are the two main things people have to say about BELL mountain bike tires.

Parents like how they can withstand the wear and tear on their children’s bikes and individual adults have also been pleased with their quality.

One comment several customers had is that the tread isn’t as thick as they would’ve hoped.

This is one reason customers prefer buying BELL mountain bike tires for more casual riding experiences: they have reasonably okay traction, but it’s not as good as it could be.

On a positive note, the Air Guard and Flat Defense models work well for protecting the tires against flats and punctures. If you’re particularly worried about those issues, the BELL mountain bike tires will work well for you.

Customer Service

The best way to get in touch with BELL is through their Amazon store. They have a website, but they do not sell their tires on there, since it’s dedicated to biking helmets.

However, if you’re having trouble contacting them through Amazon, you can fill out this form on the website.

Keep in mind, this service is only available for customers based in the United States.

There have been some instances where customers did not receive what they ordered, but it looks like they were able to handle that with the supplier. As far as we can tell, BELL does a good job at handling customer service requests and complaints.

Good Alternatives

Not sold on the idea of BELL? Want to explore other options? We’ve got you covered!

Here are some great alternatives to BELL mountain bike tires.

1/ Schwalbe

Schwalbe SUPER Tires: Magic Mary, Big Betty, Hans Dampf, & Nobby Nic V2

These budget-friendly tires are super knobbly and durable.

Schwalbe offers a range of models, so you can fit your wheels with the exact kind of tire you need. Like BELL tires, they are fitted with KEVLAR.

The great thing about Schwalbe tires is that they are versatile, so you can enjoy them on and off the trails. They also grip really well, which is exactly what you want from mountain bike tires.

2/ Teravail 

While a little pricier, Tervail tires have a great track record and are perfect for riding on loose and dry ground. Their mountain bikes are fitted with a puncture protection layer.

Teravail has a nice selection of mountain bike tires, including a few that are super thick and a little thinner.

The only thing to look out for with these tires is their air pressure. They have a tendency to need to be pumped up a little more often than some other tires, so just keep that in mind.

Otherwise, customers have been really pleased with their tires.

At the End of the Day

BELL mountain bike tires are a great choice for the average mountain biker. They are reliable, don’t puncture easily, and work super well on children’s bikes.

We think their product lines and key features exemplify what makes BELL tires popular. Their affordability draws in a lot of customers, but it’s their durability that brings them back for a second purchase.

Just keep in mind that the traction on the tires isn’t super strong!

Have you ever bought BELL mountain bike tires? What did you think? Would you buy them again?

We’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below—especially what you thought about their Air Guard products!

Good luck navigating the mountain bike tire world!

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